And now the museum close to you through a screen – Goulandris Museum of Natural History

The Goulandris Museum of Natural History (GNHM) for the first time digitally presents all of its permanent exhibitions (Botany, Hydrobiology, Zoology, Geology, Paleontology). A virtual tour available to the public is offered for the celebrations of the International Museum Day 2020.
The experience of digitally visiting the GNHM is formed and accentuated by:

  • Multiple shots in each room, with high 4K resolution quality, which allow the visitor to approach all the exhibits in a more vivid and direct manner (a total of 25 360o shots, all interconnected).
  • The simulation of the physical presence of the visitor in all areas, with the additional possibility of virtual navigation in all directions and focus on the exhibits, as well as taking snapshots from each screen (screenshot)
  • The integration of thematic videos of selected exhibits of the Museum. In 65 points of interest – marked with the symbol i – the visitor has the opportunity to learn about interesting and unique aspects of the exhibits. All done under the supervision of the scientific personnel of the Museum.
  • The narration is in Greek, with Greek and English subtitles.

English version

The specific Virtual Tour application, has been developed for the Goulandris Natural History Museum, in the framework of the Research Project “IMA: Innovative Museum Applications”, funded from the Action RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE (European Regional Development Fund, Operational Programme Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation EPAnEK)