Digital Activities – Archaeological Museum of Pella

The digital activities that will take place at the Archaeological Museum of Pella are the following:

1) A Journey to the Sounds of the Mediterranean
Guitar recital by guitar soloist, musicologist and artistic director of the Alexandrian Municipal Conservatory of Giannitsa Dr. Ioannis Andronoglou,
with works by I. Andronoglou, I. Albeniz and C. Domeniconi

2) The Museum knocks on your door!
The Head of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Pella, Mrs. E. Tsigarida, presents and comments on selected objects of the Archaeological Museum of Pella.

3) Museum Stories Made of Clay…
The ceramic workshop of KDAPAMEA GIANNITSON presents, through photographic material, actions and workshops held at the Archaeological Museum of Pella, in collaboration with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Pella, inspired by the exhibits and the history of ancient Pella.

The actions will be accessible via the YouTube channel and the links (Links) that lead to it, which will be posted on: Pella /434922793269007