Everything changes in time and all remain the same – Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

How much do you think an ancient dish is different from a modern one? What can a clay figurine of the 4th century B.C have to do with a chocolate Easter rooster?

We choose for you ancient objects from the collections of our museum. All you have to do is look for something similar (more or less!) In your home. Take a photo of it and upload it to the museum’s social media or send it by email to amth@culture.gr.

So simply, by “staying home” you will get to know some of the antiquities of our museum. And, perhaps, you are surprised that some objects may have changed name, or material, or shape, or use, and yet somehow remain the same…

At the end of the action, we will set up a digital, perhaps physical (mock-up) exhibition, with exhibits of your own photos and photographers… you.