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The International Council of Museums is an independent, non-governmental, professional and scientific organisation. Members of the International Council of Museums can become museums as well as  and their employees, or those involved in the science of museology.

To become a member of ICOM, you must fill in 2 applications (one in Greek and one in English or French) and send them, together with a short CV or, in the case of a museum, a constitution, to


Your application will be reviewed by the Administrative Board of the Hellenic National Committee and, once approved, will be sent to ICOM Headquarters in Paris.

Once we receive your membership card in our offices, we will inform you by email so that you can pay your membership fee and receive it.


Application forms

Individual members
Application form in English
Application form in French

Institutional members
Application form in English
Application form in French


Application to join an ICOM International Committee

If you are a member of ICOM and wish to become a member of an International Committee you should fill in an application form in English or French and send it by post to:

ICOM, Maison de l’UNESCO,

1, rue Miollis, 75732 Paris Cedex 15,


or by email (secretariat[at]


More information about the application for registration in the International Committees can be found at