Project Innovexpo

Project INNOVEXPO, aims to develop a series of innovative applications which present cultural content, produced through scientific research, presented with interactive tools. INNOVEXPO is an EU-funded Project within the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) of the program “Research-Create-innovate” aiming to encourage collaborations between Research Institutes and enterprises in order to produce innovative products with a direct link to the market.
This complex, high added-value product named INNOVEXPO will become the basic infrastructure model for the interactive presentation of exhibitions, contributing to showcasing multidimensional subject areas of culture, tourism and other sectors. At the same time, it will be characterized by its ease of transportation and flexible adaptation, depending on the needs of each space and the specifications of the museographic plan. It therefore fulfils essential conditions that make it viable and attractive, not only for the Greek but for the international market as well. As a comprehensive solution, it will be suitable for museums, cultural centers, tourism organizations, but also production and business institutions of the Greek and international scene, who create or host exhibitions or are active in this particular sector.
The showcasing and dissemination of Greek mythology, which is a global cultural asset, has been chosen as a case study for the implementation and presentation needs of the project. With the use of new technologies, narratives that have so far been very difficult to present are now possible to visualize. Such an example is GEOMYTHOLOGY (the exploration of myths in relation to geological phenomena) which is also the subject of the exhibition.
In this project, the collaboration is between the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Dept. of Historical Geology and Paleontology) and Tetragon Company.

You can see the video here.