Message from the President

The Hellenic National Committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) was founded in July 1983. Covering the gap that existed at the time of its foundation, due to the lack of organized museum studies in Greece, it gave the opportunity to the employees of Greek museums to come into contact with international museological theory and practice. Its work is multifaceted and includes a wide range of activities.

International conferences, scientific meetings, training seminars, lectures and many other events opened new horizons and created a remarkable dynamic. The publications of the Hellenic National Committee of ICOM, translations of basic manuals, conference proceedings and many other publications enriched the Greek bibliography in many areas of museum work. In its building, at 15 Ag. Asomaton Street, there is a Library and a Documentation Centre which are constantly enriched and open to the public. The celebration in Greece of the International Museum Day (18 May) was the occasion for the Greek museums to mobilise themselves with numerous events and to highlight their social role.

Today, with the distance that separates us from 1983, we can say that around the Hellenic National Committee of ICOM an active community of people has gathered, who have worked and are working collectively, with vision and a willingness to contribute.

Teti Hadjinicolaou