Hercules. A timeless hero – Numismatic Museum

The Numismatic Museum participates with the video “Hercules. A timeless hero”, based on the special exhibition, that was going to be held in the Archaeological Museum of Delphi in the”Treasure of the Athenians” Hall that showcases original embossed metopes with Hercules’ s deeds.

Hercules, god and immortal, is a world hero, a hero without borders, a fighter of life and its difficulties, always ready to defend the innocent and help good prevail by bringing balance to the coveted. He is always ready to cut off the heads of the Lernaean Hydra, no matter how quickly they emerge. Always ready to suffocate snakes, to slaughter the Erymanthian boar or the lion of Nemea. He is always there to cleanse the dung of Augeia, to throw away every Licha, eliminating evil, cunning, death and annihilation.

In the days of the pandemic, Hercules remains a topical hero ready to cut off the heads of the “Lernaean Hydra-Covid-19” that plagues humanity and to bring the joyful message of redemption and progress.

The video is available on the Museum’s YouTube channel with english subtitles.