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Embracing the virtual: European museums respond to the digital challenge

Scientific Conference
Acropolis Museum
21-22 November 2019

Digital practices and applications, as well as virtual experiences, are becoming an integral part of everyday life. For museums, the “digital shift” is not a simple process, but a complex adaptation to conditions of unprecedented change. Museums across Europe are responding to this challenge at different paces and in different ways.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Acropolis Museum, the Regional Alliance of the International Council of Museums (ICOM Europe) and the Hellenic National Committee of ICOM are co-organizing a Scientific Workshop on the integration of digital practices in museums. The international meeting “Embracing the virtual: European museums respond to the digital challenge” aims at highlighting the opportunities and challenges arising from the application of new technologies and methods (e.g. 3D representations, virtual and augmented reality, “multimodal” interactive systems) in the field of museums and culture in general.

During the Conference, ICOM members, museum professionals, cultural organisations, academics and experts will discuss the opportunities, needs and implications of the “digital shift” in museums. In particular, they will examine:
– Digital strategies, digitisation and preservation by museums and cultural organisations
– Issues of authenticity and representation
– The impact of the ‘digital shift’ on museums at a theoretical and practical level
– The digital/virtual museum experience: perspectives and possibilities
– Examples and cases.
– Evaluation results
– Round table and conclusions.

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In 2018, the International Committee of the International for Money and Banking Museums (ICOM/ICOMON) celebrated 25 years since its foundation. On this occasion, and to honour the memory of Mandas Economidou, for thirty years Director of the Numismatic Museum and its first President, the Committee organised its 25th annual International Conference in Athens from 3 to 6 October, in collaboration with the Numismatic Museum and the Hellenic National Committee of ICOM. The Numismatic Museum is a founding member of the Committee, which has numerous members on all five continents.

The organisation of the Athens Conference was unanimously decided by the members of the ICOMON Committee at its 24th Conference held in Jakarta, Indonesia in September 2017, following a proposal by Dr Eleni Zapiti, President of ICOMON, and the strong support of the Director of the Numismatic Museum, Dr Georgios Kakavas.

We all those working in coin collections, museums or academic institutions participated or attended the Conference, which will included the following topics:

  • scientific research, conservation and exhibition of collections
  • collection management (storage, movement and digital practices)
  • history of collecting activity
  • promotion and education activities

The conference took place at the Numismatic Museum (opening session in the Hesperides Hall, 3/10/2018), at the Acropolis Museum amphitheatre (4/10/2018) and at the Archaeological Society’s main amphitheatre (5/10/2018).

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Mu.SA Workshop “Museums, education and training in the digital age”

The Hellenic National Committee of ICOM as a partner of the Mu.SA: Museum Sector Alliance project, in collaboration with the DAISSy Research Group of the Hellenic Open University, invites you to the Workshop entitled “Museums, education and training in the digital age”, on Tuesday 12 June 2018, 17:00-21:00, at the ICOM building at 15 Ag. Assomaton str.

The aim of the workshop is to present the results of the transnational project Mu.SA (, which is part of the European Programme Erasmus+/Sector Skills Alliances and coordinated by the DAISSy research group of the EAP ( and to develop a fruitful dialogue on the needs and perspectives of training of museum professionals with emphasis on the development of their digital skills.
The workshop is addressed to employees of museums and related cultural organisations, researchers, students and graduates of departments related to culture, as well as to those interested in working in the field of museums.

Free admission

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Seminar – Museum Theatre Workshop

The seminar aims to introduce participants to museum theatre and the possibilities it offers for enriching museum narrative. The specific objectives of the seminar are the familiarization with:

● the field of museum theatre in the Greek and international reality

● the practical dimensions of the implementation of a museum theatre project

● the ways in which museum theatre can create a “safe framework” for the interpretation of “difficult” and “sensitive” themes

The seminar will take place in the building of the Hellenic National Committee of ICOM and will be completed in 12 hours (2 six-hour lectures), which will take place on 14 and 22 October 2017, from 12:00 to 19:00.

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International Conference entitled “Exhibitions: new insights”

The Hellenic National Committee of ICOM in collaboration with the Kazantzakis Museum is organizing the annual Conference of the International Committee of Literary and Composers’ Museums (ICLM) which this year will take place in Greece, in Myrtia, Heraklion, Crete, from 15 to 20 September 2017.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Exhibitions. New Insights” and aims to contribute to the exchange of views and experience on the challenges facing today’s Museums of Writers and Composers and, at the same time, to present the perspectives that exist for the organization of contemporary exhibitions. The Conference invites the participation of museum professionals, academics, researchers, educators, as well as postgraduate students from all scientific fields related to these museums.

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Seminar – “Implementing three-dimensional models using mobile devices and creating websites without programming”

The seminar-workshop entitled “Implementation of three-dimensional (3D) models using mobile devices and creation of websites without programming” is addressed to employees of museums and related cultural organizations. It aims to present, demonstrate and train the use of innovative technologies offered on the Internet in order to develop online products for the optimal promotion and promotion of cultural heritage, but also for organizations whose programs promote cultural activities and develop new cultural perspectives.
The seminar will be held at the building of the Hellenic National Committee of ICOM and will be completed in 15 hours (5 3-hour lectures), which will take place from 14 to 18 November 2016, daily from 17:00 to 20:00 pm.

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Two-day scientific conference: “New Perspectives for Museums and Cultural Organizations”

The conference was organized by PostScriptum in collaboration with the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub of Technopolis INNOVATHENS of the Municipality of Athens and the Free Software/Open Source Software Society (FOSS) in the framework of the celebration of the International Museum Day 2015 on the theme “Museums for a Sustainable Society”, and was held under the auspices of the Hellenic National Committee of ICOM.

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The Conference was co-organized by the Directorate for the Conservation of Ancient and Modern Monuments of the Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs and the Department of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art of the Technopolis in Gazi and the New Acropolis Museum in Athens on 25-29 May 2015. The occasion for the conference was the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the conservation sector in the Archaeological Service, as well as the 30th anniversary of the establishment and operation of the Department of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art in higher education.
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Seminar “Educational Material Design”

Seminar-Workshop “Introduction to writing texts for museum exhibitions”, Athens 20 November 2012 to 22 January 2013

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International Conference of the ICOM-CC Photographic Materials Group – Athens, 19-22 October 2010

“Modern Photographic Materials: identification and conservation”

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Training Seminar in Museology – November 2009

“MUSEO-MED. Τεχνική βοήθεια στον τομέα των Μουσείων”


Workshop: Educational actions on cultural heritage and the environment, 2008 – 2009
ICOM-CECA Greek Working Group, 26 June 2009

The proceedings