If all people on earth held hands firmly …

The competition-exhibition is organized as a part of the celebration for the International Museum Day (May 28th, 2020). The main theme of the celebration is “MUSEUMS FOR EQUALITY: DINERSITY and INCLUSION”.


Continue the sentence writing or painting. In case of text, the above phrase could be used anywhere, in its beginning or even ending.

Adults and children or students of all levels. In case of students, the participations could also be in groups. Each participation should mention full name (optionally) of the participant, his profession and place of residence. In case of students the class and school should be also noted.

18th of May 2020
send your text or depiction via the e-mail amnikopolis@gmail.com

10 archaeological guides of the Ephorate’s publications for the adults and three folders with educative comics about monuments in the prefecture of Preveza for the children

The exhibition of the participations will be digitally presented via the museum’s account in Facebook.

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