Digital activites and educational programs – Industrial Gas Museum

The Industrial Gas Museum celebrates the International Museum Day 2020 with the beloved “Sundays for all” which will take place online on Sunday, May 17. With the theme «Inclusion for all» this weekend’s activity is dedicated to the International Museum Day and the core values advocating the theme selected for this year’s Day by ICOM: “Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion”.

1)The Reading Lamp Ladies (Kyries Portatif)
Online educational program – theater performance by the Trela Hromata theatrical group. Specially designed for deaf, hearing-impaired and hearing people. For families with children aged 6 years and older.

Who was the businessman who built the gas factory? How is he related to the Reading Lamp Ladies? The participants will have the chance to meet the descendants of the businessman who founded the gasworks, i.e. the Reading Lamp Ladies. Through their stories they will get to know the background of the French businessman as well as the history of the old gas factory.

The performance will be live streamed from “Miltiadis Evert” Auditorium on Sunday, May 17 at 12.00. Duration: 45’


2)We are all unique
Online arts workshop for families with children aged 3 years and older.

Which one is the strongest; the brick, the cast iron or the coal? It does not matter, because we are all different but equally important! The participants discover, via storytelling, the plant’s materials. Sketches and photos guide them through the making process of a craft work related to the gasworks and diversity.

*Storytelling and content design: Georgia Lazarou, Graphic editing: Alkistis Tsikou

The workshop’s material will be available online as of Sunday, May 17 at 11.00 and will remain on the official website of the IGM.


3)A short tour in the museum
Online guided tour in the International Gas Museum with sign language interpretation. Specially designed for adult and children aged 9 years and older, deaf, hearing or hearing-impaired people. In cooperation with the Education Center for Sign Language “Kratilos”.

What is gas? How is it produced? Through the guided tour in the Museum, the participants can discover the history and the operation of the old gasworks that provided light and energy to the city of Athens for more than 130 years!

The guided tour will be available online as of Sunday, May 17 at 11.00 and will remain on the official website of the IGM.


4)Film Screenings in collaboration with the Balkan Beyond Borders team

What are the challenges faced by a woman who wants to be successful at her workplace? What is the first job experience of a young boy working in the primary sector like?

The participants will have the chance to watch 8 short films dealing with the position of women and young people in the labour market. The stories of the young people and women take place in various Balkan countries (Greece, Turkey, North Macedonia, Bosnia, etc.) and they deal with socially sensitive issues of the day related to labour, age and gender.

The movies will be available online from Sunday, May 17 at 11.00 until Tuesday, May 19 at 12.00.

You can watch the films here