Hellenic National Committee

The Hellenic National Committee of ICOM was founded in 1983 and is housed in a listed building on 15, Ag. Assomaton Street in Thission, which has been granted by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture. Today, it counts approximately 500 members – individuals and institutions included. It is governed by an Administrative Board composed of five members elected for a period of two years.

The main concerns of the Hellenic National Committee have been the creation of a documentation centre with books and archives, the organisation of seminars, scientific meetings and international symposia, the publication of essential manuals in Greek, the development of various fields of museology and the collaboration with universities as well as with other organisations and institutions.

Various working groups that deal with themes similar to those of the International Committees operate within the framework of the Hellenic Committee of ICOM, and organise meetings and conferences. Since 1988, a seminar entitled ” Museum- School” is organised regularly in different counties of the country in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education. Between 1995 and 1997, a European pilot programme entitled “The School adopts a Monument” was implemented, with the participation of ten schools of Athens.

The result of the collaboration between the Ministry of Culture and ICOM in the field of the organisation of archaeological exhibitions can be seen through the publication of remarkable catalogues that constitute essential scientific manuals. Since 1986, the Hellenic Committee of ICOM also publishes in greek language “The news of ICOM” for its members.